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How to Find the Best Packaging Distribution Services

There are multiple stages and an extensive amount of details needed to build a unique packaging solution for your brand. Having to tackle every detail in the packaging journey can be overwhelming and time-consuming, which is why many brands partner with packaging distribution services. In addition to finding packaging that stands out from the competition, protects your products, can be easily assembled, and achieves any other unique specifications, a packaging distribution partner can provide additional resources beyond the packaging.

Access to a larger network of solutions and the experience of navigating the packaging industry can help uncover opportunities to optimize your packaging supply chain. Finding the best packaging distribution services that complement your operations can improve the overall end-customer experience. There are several factors to consider when looking for packaging distribution services that fit your company's needs. Learn more about how to find a packaging distribution partner and what benefits they can provide to your operations.

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What is a Packaging Distribution Service?

A packaging distribution service is a business that offers packaging supplies and logistical services to businesses. They are not a packaging manufacturer. A packaging distributor forms strong partnerships with manufacturers to stock a wide selection of their products to offer to the market. There are different types of packaging distributors, such as e-commerce distributors and stocking distributors. Both types focus on selling packaging materials directly to businesses.

At the foundation, packaging distributors provide packaging to businesses who cannot afford to meet manufacturer minimum order requirements. A packaging distributor typically purchases in bulk to meet the manufacturer’s minimum order quantities, then resells the purchased packaging in smaller quantities to businesses. However, packaging distributors can also help source specialized packaging when working with a product that may have unique specifications, such as unusual sizing or special shipping requirements.

Depending on the type of packaging distributor, additional solutions include warehousing, repacking, import/export services, inventory management, packaging design, and more to provide a complete packaging supply chain solution.

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Are There Benefits to Working with a Packaging Distributor?

The product journey consists of constantly moving parts. Any interruption in the supply chain can cause a ripple effect of delays that will eventually impact the end consumer. Packaging distributors aim to seamlessly deliver the packaging component in the product journey. They ensure that your company receives the packaging supplies needed at the established restocking schedule. They also evaluate suppliers to better align their offerings to your delivery requirements, such as needing packaging for perishable/refrigerated products or providing a distribution solution that enhances just-in-time manufacturing processes. Here are several additional benefits to working with a packaging distributor:

  • Lower minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • Minimize supply chain challenges
  • Broader packaging sourcing
  • Inventory management solutions
  • Industry knowledge
  • Customs clearance expertise
  • Packaging partnership

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Distribution Service?

Packaging distribution companies come in all shapes and sizes. The breadth of services offered can range per distributor. Your business is unique and may not need the entire range of services available in the market. Understanding your requirements and finding a partner distributor with services that best align with your plans can help your business achieve its goals faster.

Your packaging distributor partner becomes an extension of your team with a focus on the packaging component of your supply chain. The packaging resources provided need to meet your initial requirements but must also be able to scale with your business. Choosing the right partner can immensely improve speed-to-market and overall customer experience.

What to Look for in a Packaging Distribution Service

Once you decide to find a packaging distribution partner, there are key aspects to help you consider which packaging distribution company is right for you. In addition to your product’s packaging parameters, the following are several additional factors to look for in a partner distributor.

Knowledge in Your Specific Industry

Packaging distributors often work with multiple industries since the need for packaging is universal. However, a partner who has working knowledge that caters to your specific industry can immensely help with streamlining your packaging solution. These types of distributors will have a greater understanding of your product and packaging needs. They may have knowledge about the best packaging options for your product or recommend other options to help stand out from the competition. They can also keep you informed about industry news and regulations that can impact your industry and business.

Offers Both Stock and Custom Packaging Solutions

For some products, an off-the-shelf stock packaging solution is enough to go to market. However, competition on the shelf is fierce and a custom package is a common idea for helping a product stand out. A packaging distributor can help guide you through the processes needed to bring your design ideas from concept to delivery. A valuable partner will quickly identify trustworthy manufacturers while keeping your packaging and other logistical parameters in mind. If the cost of custom packaging exceeds your budget, a packaging distributor should provide stock packaging options that can achieve your packaging goals. A distributor’s experience can help you quickly overcome packaging challenges that may be difficult to navigate on your own.

Provides Global Product Sourcing

There are packaging manufacturers located around the globe. However, accessing and vetting global manufacturers can be a challenge. Working with a local packaging distribution service that has an extensive network and strong partnerships with global manufacturers provides a wealth of business opportunities. By working with a distributor that is closer to your operations, they can manage the logistics of importing from an overseas manufacturer and may also be able to reduce transportation costs while improving delivery times by warehousing the packaging for just-in-time delivery.

Warehousing and Inventory Management Solutions

As a business grows, the operations must grow with it. There may come a time when you run out of warehouse space and need a 3PL solution. Having a distribution service that provides 3PL solutions can help to simplify your supply chain by ensuring orders are fulfilled and delivered on time. In addition, you may tailor your inventory based on your storage accommodations, such as keeping certain products that have high turnover rates at select warehouse locations to fulfill customer demand during peak sales seasons. The packaging distribution company can also offer inventory management programs that complement your existing sourcing, procurement, and storage policies. This aspect helps to minimize stock-outs, increase cash flow, and improve fill rates.

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Finding the Best Packaging Distribution Service for Your Business

Your business is unique and finding a solution that meets your requirements can be constantly evolving as your business grows. Having a packaging distribution service partner to navigate the packaging supply chain can help improve operations and streamline processes.

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