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What Are Types Of Packaging Suppliers?

Packaging is a vital part of bringing a product to market. Whether it be a new or existing product, your packaging partner can either accelerate or hinder the growth of your product. What options are available for packaging to best fit your business needs? There are three major types of packaging providers:

  • E-Commerce Distributor
  • Stocking Distributor
  • Manufacturer

E-Commerce Distributor E-commerce distributors are great for new businesses with new products where testing and options are needed to find the right fit for the product. E-commerce are distributors focused on a limited selection of product. With low to no minimum, e-commerce suppliers commonly stock all the options featured on their website. However, stock is most often common shapes and styles used in the marketplace. Pricing is also higher due to the low minimum to purchase. Customer paying with credit card

Stocking Distributor Paramount Global falls into the Stocking Distributor category. Stocking distributors are a great option for businesses who are more established and using a higher volume of packaging. As business grows, supply chain operations become a new challenge (i.e. making sure packaging is in stock, arranging transportation, etc.) where a partner distributor can help. Distributors also have the ability to offer options that branch out of common packaging styles since distributors have a network of manufacturers to work with. You can learn more about all the benefits of a distributor here. Metal Paint Cans in Warehouse

Manufacturer Manufacturers focus on manufacturing the products. Going directly to the manufacturer may be the cheapest option, if they decide to even accept the request. Since manufacturers are focused on mass production, commitment to high volumes (frequent truckload quantities) are needed for them to even consider the inquiry. There are also challenges working directly with a manufacturer which we outline in our Packaging Distributor Benefits post. Custom Mold Packaging

So which is the best category for you? As a distributor, Paramount Global works with a network of suppliers and can provide guidance on which option may best fit your business needs. Don't hesitate to reach out if there are any packaging questions, we're ready to help and make packaging simplified! Contact us today!

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