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What are the Qualities of Good Wholesale Packaging?

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Walking into a store can be an overwhelming experience with shelves stocked full of products packaged in different colors, sizes, and designs. Even online storefronts can be crowded with the variety of products available. In order to stand out from the crowd, your packaging needs to have an impact.

In addition to looking great, quality packaging needs to be able to withstand the shipping and delivery process, while maintaining shelf life for stores, warehouses, and consumers. In order to meet all of these goals, you need to have a strong packaging vision. But what are the qualities of good packaging? And how can you tell if your packaging will deliver the right expectations? In this article, we’ll answer those questions.

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What Does it Mean to Have “Good” Packaging?

“Good” packaging refers to quality packaging that keep your products secure, safe, and attractive. It’s made of high-quality materials, like rigid cardboard or plastic resin. It meets all of the standards required for your product, meaning things like potentially volatile materials are protected the right way and food items are sealed. It will also have a sharp, distinctive look to it that attracts customers and showcases both the product itself and your brand.

When you don’t have good packaging, you can find yourself struggling to sell your products and get noticed on the shelves. Even if you sell online, you need to have good packaging to ensure that your products are protected during the shipping process and your products are delivered intact. Otherwise, you might deal with product quality issues, which can damage your reputation and reviews.

Why Does Good Packaging Matter?

Finding a good packaging solution is crucial, and there are a few key reasons why your packaging matters and why you should prioritize investing in it.

Helps Protect Your Products

With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, more and more companies are shipping directly to customers. However, that can lead to more damage to your products while in transit. We’ve all seen videos of careless delivery drivers throwing packages on porches or over fences. The higher the quality of your packaging, the more likely that your products will not be compromised during transport.

Increases Brand Awareness

Branding is a large part of the packaging. You want your products to be recognizable from a distance, to help your brand stand out on the shelf. You want to ensure that the logo is prominent, your brand story is represented, and your graphics match the style and tone of your brand. Think about a can of Coca-Cola or an Apple iPhone box, consumers are able to recognize the product before opening the package because of how well these companies have branded their packaging.

An Extension of Marketing

At the end of the day, your packaging is an extension of your marketing. You can use your packaging for much more than just protecting products and highlighting your logo. Packaging can convey messages, promotions, details, and images that tell a story about your mission and company. You can tie packaging into campaigns to bolster your other marketing efforts while providing the optimal product experience to your customers.

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6 Qualities of Good Wholesale Packaging

Now that you know why good packaging is so important, let’s take a look at the 8 essential qualities that your packaging should have to be high-quality and deliver the best results.

1. Protective

It’s essential to make sure that your packaging protects your products and ensures that they can move from one location to another without damage to the packaging and the product. This is especially important with edible and expensive products. Having high-quality packaging will help prevent direct damage to the product or leaks that can result in even more costly harm. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that your product packaging protects against elements that might cause your product to spoil such as sunlight, temperature, and air. Good quality protective packaging along with a compatible cap liner can significantly reduce exposure to external elements. Effectively protecting products from these environmental factors will reduce the number of returns or customer complaints after delivery.

2. Easy to Use

Difficulty opening a package or dealing with an unnecessarily bulky item can be frustrating for customers. That’s why it should be a top priority to provide product packaging that offers an optimal user experience. Finding the right balance between durability and accessibility is crucial to the success of your product. With well-designed packaging, customers will benefit from the ease of use in accessing the product, while retailers will benefit by being able to easily store and display your product. When packaging is thoughtfully crafted, it can enhance the customer experience, ensure that the packaging is not hindering their purchasing decision, and can potentially generate repeat customers. Good packaging will seamlessly deliver the product with the features it is designed with to provide the best user experience.

3. Shelf Life

Another important quality factor is optimizing the shelf life of your products with packaging. Some products might sit on shelves or in customers’ cabinets for a long time. You also want to consider the different types of environments a product will be stored in for extended periods of time such as a warehouse or a customer’s home. Good packaging will be designed to accommodate certain product properties to help optimize its shelf life.

4. Design

Design is a powerful element to help packaging differentiate your product from competitors. Unique packaging design elements and ideas can range from a custom container shape to unconventional decoration. Good packaging will consistently deliver the design concept which may include unique features to help consumers access all the product or detailed decoration to communicate the brand’s story. Being creative in your packaging helps grab the attention of new people and continues to provide a positive experience with returning customers. .The best packaging has creative elements seamlessly delivering the product visually and physically.

5. Cost Effective

The cost of packaging is an important consideration as you find great packaging solutions. Spending too much on packaging can hurt your bottom line and eat into your profits. Always examine what the cost will add to the final retail price of the product before deciding on any packaging option. After all, the most creative and innovative packaging in the world isn’t any good if you can’t make a profit off of it.

6. Eco-Friendly

Being sustainable and eco-friendly is not a trend that will go away. It’s a conscious effort by manufacturers and businesses to protect the environment. Consumers are demanding brands to be responsible for the pollutants and plastics that are damaging oceans and landfills. By using eco-friendly packaging, you not only show that your brand has the right values, but you can educate your customers on the importance of sustainability as well. Sustainable packaging solutions can help reduce the environmental impact of a business while appealing to environmentally conscious customers. Check out the section below to learn more about the quality of sustainable packaging.

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Does Sustainable Packaging Have a High Quality?

There are often questions around eco-friendly or sustainable packaging about whether or not it is high quality or makes good packaging for wholesale. This comes up because sustainable packaging tends to be more expensive than traditional packaging materials compared to single-use plastics. Some brands wonder if the expense is worth the investment when it comes to quality.

The good news is that sustainable packaging does deliver a high-quality element to your products. The material can be recyclable, biodegradable, or made of post-consumer resin (PCR) that doesn’t contain harmful toxins and chemicals that can damage products as they degrade. Oftentimes, the packaging can be reused, extending its life, and keeping it out of the landfill. Most importantly, customers appreciate knowing that their products are packaged with sustainable materials. It can also help improve the reputation of your brand and even expand your customer base.

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Ensure the Success of Your Product with Good Packaging

Good packaging isn’t just about making it easy to ship products or display your logo. It’s a creative way to deliver an exceptional experience to customers and ensure that your brand stands out from all the other products on the shelf. When you invest in the right supplies and materials, you are able to deliver on all of the qualities found in high-quality wholesale packaging.

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