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2021 Logistics Landscape

Effects of the pandemic on the logistics landscape has not dissipated, which is especially important for businesses to keep in mind as we head towards the holidays. Logistics is a vital component to packaging often due to sourcing from overseas. As a packaging provider, we have experienced the impact of logistics to packaging solutions we provide to our customers. Fortunately at Paramount Global, we have a dedicated freight forwarding team who closely monitors the fluctuating logistics market, below are some insights provided by our team:

  • Continued container shortage causing soaring rates
  • Record breaking congestion at major U.S. ports
  • National labor shortages

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Together, the challenges listed above attribute to major shipping delays and price increases that can eventually be felt by the consumer. With the holiday season quickly approaching, the ports are already experiencing heavy congestion (with over 50 cargo ships waiting off the California coast when the previous norm was 0 to 1 Source: Business Insider). Industry experts expect delays and increases to extend well into 2022.

The logistics landscape is constantly fluctuating as the industry struggles to recover from the pandemic disrupting the supply chain. Paramount Global's dedicated freight operations team keeps an eye on the pulse to make sure we are locking in rates and bookings for our customers. In addition to the already complex world of shipping with customs and regulations, the pandemic has added an extra layer of challenges. Our team of freight experts are diligently monitoring the changes everyday. Contact us today about how Paramount can be your partner with navigating the logistic challenges we are facing during these unprecedented times.

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