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Drums & Barrels

Types of Drum Containers

Paramount Global offers a variety of metal, plastic, and fiber drum containers for bulk or wholesale purchase We stock a range of sizes from 15 gallon to 55 gallon produced in metal, PE, or Fiber. Drums are available as open or closed (tight) head with matching closures and covers available to securely seal product. Plastic and metal drums work well for storing and transporting bulk liquid and solid products including paints, adhesives, ink, lubricants, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and chemicals while fiber drums work best with dry products. Interior lining such as rust inhibitor or phenolic is available for metal drums to withstand harsh chemical products. Drums can also be UN rated to accommodate shipping hazardous products. A sustainable option for drums is reconditioning the package for reuse. Common colors for plastic drums include black and blue while metal pails are stocked in black. Custom colors are available upon request.

Custom Drum & Barrel Options

Drums can be customized for a specific size, weight, and color. Additional accessories including matching liners We can also work with your custom packaging to obtain a UN rating for shipping hazardous product. Further customization can include decoration with silk screen on plastic drums or lithographic print on metal drums. Stock pails start at a minimum of one pallet and to truckload quantities for custom orders.

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