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LTL vs. FTL: About Truckload Shipping

LTL and FTL are two common terms used when it comes to shipping. LTL is the abbreviation for Less Than Truckload and refers to only taking up a portion of a truck's space for your shipment. FTL is the abbreviation for Full Truckload and refers to filling a complete truck with your product for shipping. As for which option to go with, we have highlighted some of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

LTL Best used for small shipments and is cost effective due to combining shipments with other customers on a truck. A LTL shipment can range from 1-3 non-stackable standard (48" x 40" x 48") pallets to 6 stackable pallets with a weight ranging from 100 - 10,000 pounds. However, with multiple stops and shipments being loaded and unloaded along the way, there is a higher chance of product being damaged. Also with multiple stops, the speed of product arriving to it's destination cannot be optimized


FTL Best used for larger and heavier shipments that a truck can be dedicated to for transport to a single customer. A FTL shipment can range from 26 non-stackable pallets to 52 stackable pallets with a weight ranging from 34,000 - 45,000 pounds. With only one target customer destination, trucks are able to save time with only one route. Also there is a lower chance of product being damaged since product is not shifted around for multiple stops.


In the end, time and cost will determine which option will work best for your business. Cost is determined by the product class, weight, and distance. At Paramount Global, we have a team dedicated to handling and processing all these shipping variables in order to provide the best solution possible for your business. Paramount Global is also an international freight forwarder who can negotiate rates, handle customs, and ultimately make sure your product is safely transported from point A to B. Speak with one of our freight experts today to see how Paramount Global can help with your logistic needs!

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