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Paramount Global Partners With Royal 4 Systems

Royal 4 Systems is a leading provider of integrated Supply Chain Software Solutions. Their flagship product, WISE Warehouse Management Software, is designed to help businesses manage their supply chains effectively. WISE WMS utilizes the latest integration methodologies, runs on all popular operating systems, can interface with any database management system, and supports multi-language environments.

What is a WMS?

WMS is an acronym for Warehouse Management System. A WMS is a software application that helps control and manage daily operations in the warehouse. A WMS can come in all shapes and sizes because every organization has its own unique needs. Our team evaluated more than 100 systems before moving forward with Royal 4 in 2018! However, at the core of all WMS’s, the goal is to help streamline warehouse operations which can include inventory tracking, picking & packing goods, shipping, warehouse workflow, performance, and reporting.

Warehouse manager utilizing WMS system for inventory

Royal 4 Systems & Paramount Global Relationship Today

Implementing a core system into a business never really ends, as customer and internal operational needs continuously change over time. Together Royal 4 and Paramount’s relationship continues to strengthen as more capabilities are implemented to better serve our customers. In fact, Royal 4 recognized one of our employees, Jon Sather, as integral to the success of our partnership today. Below is an excerpt from their article feature:

Jon has also worked alongside the WISE implementation teams in helping develop needed processes in the warehouse and the integration of WISE into their host environment. This resulted in a transition to getting the system up and running at Paramount’s headquarters. Since, he has led the implementation teams at three additional distribution centers and will be looking to integrate WISE at their UK location in 2024. For his outstanding achievement, Royal 4 Systems is pleased to induct Jon Sather as the newest member of the elite WISE leaders’ program.

The full article can be found on their website.

WISE Today

WISE WMS is designed to help improve our distribution centers' operations by minimizing costs and increasing productivity. It includes user-defined location and putaway capabilities, multi-tenant and 3PL features, and picking/allocation rules to optimize distribution center operations. All of this and more is possible based on the detailed algorithmic rule engines that WISE offers and then has the ability to be designed to the specific operational needs of Paramount Global. WISE system rules-based architecture and our strategic partnership with Royal 4 position us at the forefront of technology.

Because of their forward-thinking approach to optimizing business operations, we knew Royal 4 Systems was the right fit for Paramount Global. We look forward to continuing to grow with Royal 4 Systems. To learn more, contact us today and discover how we can be a partner to you in your packaging and supply chain solutions.

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