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Paramount Global wins 2023 NACD Packaging Award for Jimmy Coco Tanning Package

We are pleased to announce that Paramount Global was awarded Bronze in the cosmetic category at the National Association of Container Distributor’s (NACD) annual packaging awards for their work on Jimmy Coco's Sunless Cocooning Face & Body Souffle. The NACD Packaging Awards recognize the most innovative packages released during the previous year. The cosmetic category is one of the most competitive due to the industry’s emphasis on design to market to consumers.

Paramount Global NACD Packaging Award

Our UK Team collaborated with Jimmy Coco International (JCI) to design and create custom packaging for the launch of their new Sunless Cosmetics product line. Together, we aimed to create stunning packaging that would truly capture the essence of the brand. The award-winning design is a meticulously decorated 200mL PET foamer bottle.

Sourcing a bottle that met the specific requirements of the product proved to be a challenge. Undeterred, our team worked closely with JCI and our suppliers, leveraging their expertise and resources to customize a bottle that perfectly suited the needs of the product. Through careful collaboration and innovative problem-solving, we were able to overcome this obstacle and ensure the packaging lived up to our high standards.

However, the challenges didn't end there. The artwork application on the bottle presented its own set of hurdles. Foil creasing and cracking at certain temperatures was a major issue we encountered. Yet our dedicated team tackled these obstacles head-on, investing their time and energy to find creative solutions. Through perseverance and meticulous attention to detail, we successfully addressed these challenges and achieved a stunning final product.

In addition to the PET foamer bottle, our UK team went above and beyond creating a range of complementary product packaging. Among them was a 200mL aluminum bottle, adorned with intricate designs and equipped with a mist sprayer. This elegant bottle added a touch of sophistication to the product line with its sleek appearance and functionality. We also developed a world-class tanning mitt, crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. To complete the packaging for the mitt, a fully decorated bag was included, providing a luxurious and cohesive experience for consumers.

Jimmy Coco packaging

Throughout the entire process, our team worked closely with JCI and our suppliers, fostering strong partnerships and overcoming technical obstacles. The collaborative effort and determination exhibited by all involved resulted in the creation of a truly remarkable and beautiful final product line.

Jimmy Coco is world-renowned for his customized professional contour and tanning services. He is known for giving celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, and the Kardashians their signature glow. These products are part of his newly-launched line of luxurious and inclusive Sunless products.

JCI expressed great satisfaction with the quality and performance of the UK Team, leading to additional opportunities to continue working together. We are proud of this partnership with Jimmy Coco and the hard work of everyone involved! Explore the full Sunless cosmetics line here:

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