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Container Lids, Closures & Caps

Bulk & Wholesale Lids and Closures

Paramount Global offers a variety of metal and plastic caps and closures for bulk or wholesale purchase. A matching closure that securely seals product in a container while also providing end users to easy access to the product is vital to a packaging system. Closures available include continuous thread (ct), lug, child resistant, phenolic with a cone, tamper evident, dispensing, pumps, sprayers, droppers, and more. In addition to the closure style, liners such as foam, heat seal, pressure-sensitive, tri-tab, and more can be included with the closure. Continuous thread plastic closures are commonly stocked unlined or with a basic foam liner in a ribbed or smooth style while metal caps can range from alpha, beta, and delta caps for industrial packaging to lugs and continuous thread with plastisol lining for glass jars. Dispensing closure availability varies but can include disc tops, poly tops, and yorkers. Pumps and sprayers are custom requests due to each product’s unique specifications for dispensing such as dip tube length, dispensing method, and dispensing quantity which can be defined by the product’s viscosity and composition. Plastic closures are often stocked in white and metal closures are silver for industrial containers or gold for glass jars. Custom colors are available upon request. Due to the overwhelming number of closure and liner options we’re here to help find the best match for your product. Order quantities can start at one case or match with the number of containers purchased to truckload quantities.

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