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Pails & Buckets

Types of Pails & Buckets

Paramount Global offers a variety of metal and plastic pails and buckets for bulk or wholesale purchase. Metal and plastic pails work well for paints, adhesives, food, and chemicals. We stock a range of sizes from 1 gallon to 5 gallon produced in metal, HDPE, or PP. Common shapes available are round, square, and rectangle with an open or closed (tight) head. Round pails are the most common and are used in many industries including food, pet care, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and industrial. Square and rectangle pails are also used across the same industries but allow better stacking and space optimization. Additional features that are available for plastic pails is an integrated or swing handle to help users dispense product. Pails can also be UN-rated to accommodate shipping hazardous products. Sustainable options for pails are regrind and post-consumer resin which are available upon request. Common colors for plastic pails include natural and white while metal pails are stocked in black, white, or gray. Custom colors are available upon request.

Custom Pail & Bucket Options

Pails can be customized for a specific size, weight, and color. We can also work with your custom packaging to obtain a UN rating for shipping hazardous product. Further customization can include decoration with silk screen on plastic pails or lithographic print on metal pails. Stock pails start at a minimum of one pallet and to truckload quantities for custom orders.

Lid and Cover Options for Pails & Buckets

Matching covers and closures for pails available based on your products needs. For open head pails and buckets we offer plain covers, tamper evident, gasket covers, and covers with a spout to accommodate liquid and solid products. For tight head pails plugs, bungs, and spouts and available options depending on the product’s needs.

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