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8 Benefits of Custom Packaging Solutions for Your Brand

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Are you tossing your products in a cardboard box, stuffing some packing peanuts or paper around it, and sending them off to your customers? While this will get your product to your buyers fairly fast, it doesn't add to the overall product experience. It also creates a significant amount of waste. If you're looking for ways to improve your branding efforts, improve your customer's experience with your product, and protect your product well from shipping damage, all while potentially saving money, then consider custom packaging solutions. Here is a closer look at why custom packaging solutions make sense and the ways they can benefit your brand and your overall efforts to serve your customers well.

What are Customized Packaging Solutions?

Customized packaging solutions are packaging options that cater to the needs and requirements of the product while also improving the customer experience and overall branding efforts for the seller. These product packaging solutions include any container or material used to package or ship a product. This includes everything from the container that holds the product to the labels on the shipping boxes.

To create a custom packaging option, your team will need to work with engineers and designers to ensure your goals are aligned and what solutions will best achieve those goals. Collaboration between different teams can uncover insight from different perspectives on what design will work well for the product. Once a final design is ready, the product will need to be tested in the product packaging to ensure compatibility. The final packaging design can have printed logos, shapes, images, and artwork to help the packaged product stand out. Custom packaging can also make your brand easily recognizable and stand out from competitors on retail shelves. A well-designed package instantly connects with customers while also providing a safe storage option for the product.

Importance of Custom Packaging for Your Brand

If you've been using generic packaging for your products, considering new product packaging can be a good step toward improving your brand's reach. New packaging can often help with new branding goals, giving the product better visibility in a crowded market. Custom packaging gives you a place to show off the creativity of your branding and design team. It also works to protect your product and can lower costs for your team. The package is your customers' first impression of their order with you, and this makes it an important part of your overall sales process.

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Types of Custom Packaging Solutions

As you consider the design and implementation of the custom packaging solutions your team needs for your product, consider these options:

Custom Boxes

The right box to pack and ship your products to your customers is an essential part of your business model. When considering custom packaging design, it's important to think outside of the proverbial cardboard box. While cardboard has its place as a packaging solution, you want to imagine something beyond the simple brown shipping box. Consider labeling your packaging boxes with branded artwork or printing your logo on the side. You can also customize the dimensions of your box to fit your product properly.

Custom Containers

Containers can include bottles, jars, or distinct primary packaging for your product. The goal of primary packaging is to keep the product protected until the customer is ready to use it. This is a component where brands have a range of abilities to customize their product packaging, from simple branding with labels to complex custom shapes and systems designed uniquely to enhance the product’s user experience. Shapes, colors, and decoration can all work together to make containers promote your product and keep your brand top of mind.

Custom Product Bags

For items sold in bags, customization is also possible. Bags are a low-cost packaging option, but they can still be customized. Consider printed bags that have your logo on them or bags with cutout windows to make your product visible. Handles help your customers more easily handle their products while closing mechanisms help keep products secure. A matte or glossy coating on the bag makes it look more polished. These types of details can make even a simple bag stand out.

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Benefits of Custom Packaging Solutions

You may be wondering why you should invest in custom packaging solutions when you can use regular boxes or bags to store, display, and ship your products. Custom packaging has multiple benefits for your company. These include:

1. Brand Recognition and Visibility

If you want your customers to remember your brand and your products, you’ll want to focus on brand awareness. Custom packaging will help your brand identity through recognizable packaging and also create a sense of value in your company and its products.

When a customer enters a store selling your product, they can see the packaging and instantly equate it with your company. This increased visibility often leads to better sales. If you are shipping your product to your customer, they'll know instantly what it is and who it came from. In addition, you can use your customized packaging to deliver targeted messaging to your core audience, further supporting your branding goals.

2. Improved Customer Experience

When customers recognize your product easily, they develop a sense of connection with your brand. In this way, custom packaging can create a lasting impression on consumers to innately recognize your brand over time.

Not only that, but custom product packaging can enhance the customer experience. It provides the "wow" factor by elevating your product as upscale and desirable. For example, you can design a box that cradles your product and makes it instantly visible from the first moment the customer opens the box. This adds to that positive first impression.

Finally, it makes accessing the product simpler for the customer. You can tailor your packaging to the needs of the customer, creating a package that protects the product while making it easier to get the product out once someone has purchased it.

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3. Differentiation from Competitors

One of your primary goals as a business owner is differentiation. You need to stand out from your competition, and custom packaging helps you do this. Products that are housed in custom packages tell buyers they're getting a higher quality, premium product. This, in turn, allows you to charge premium pricing or improve your product’s positioning at your retailer. Overall, the product and experience with that product become more memorable for everyone involved with the right packaging.

4. Protection of Packaging

Custom packaging is often more durable than standard boxes and bags. If your product is delicate, you can create packaging that has reinforcement and closures to help protect the item inside. The material and size of your packaging can also add protection. Custom product labeling can also add a layer of protection, notifying people that the items inside are fragile or need to be handled in a certain direction.

5. Sustainability

Global waste is on the rise, and if companies do not put a stop to it, by 2050, the amount of waste produced will increase by 70%. If your brand is concerned about being eco-friendly, you can choose recycled or sustainable materials for your product packaging. This helps to reduce waste and can improve your sustainable branding efforts. The packaging itself tells buyers that your company is invested in protecting the environment.

Not only can you choose the materials for the product from eco-friendly options, but the overall process of custom packaging reduces waste. Because the box is perfectly fit for the product, you are not using extra materials to fill up unnecessary space and consuming resources to ship the excess, which results in reducing overall waste.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

When your packaging perfectly fits your product, you won't pay extra for shipping boxes that are too large or bulky for the items inside. Your packaging process also becomes streamlined because it's easier to fit items in a custom box. This works together to reduce the cost of your inventory management.

7. Customer Loyalty

The brand awareness that comes from custom packaging helps develop customer loyalty. When customers can recognize the product they love and want to buy, they're more likely to be loyal to your brand, sometimes even for life. In addition, when the packaging makes the product feel more upscale, customers are more likely to return to purchase it again in the future. This adds to the customer loyalty you receive when you invest in custom product packaging solutions.

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8. Tailored to Product Needs

Customized packaging can be tailored to the product's needs. You can work with engineers and product packaging designers to create a custom design that presents your product in the best possible way to the buyer. You can then add items like child locks, easy-tear openings, or locking tabs to cater to the specific needs of the product. Protection, presentation, and ease of access are all part of this tailoring as you work to create good packaging that will stand out.

Gain the Benefits of Custom Packaging Solutions Today

With so many benefits, the need for custom packaging solutions is clear. If you want a product that will stand out and impress your customers every time they purchase it, you want custom packaging. Paramount Global offers custom packaging solutions that can suit your product’s needs best. Our team of experts will partner with you to help navigate identifying the best fit for your product and help achieve your packaging goals. From the initial idea to the delivery of your final customized packaging, you will have the expertise of our team on your side. Contact us today to learn more about our custom packaging solutions and how they can help your brand impress your customers, protect your products, and stand out from the competition.

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