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Common Food Rigid Packaging

The food industry includes both wholesale and retail products, with branding and packaging design at the forefront of this highly competitive and diverse industry. Paramount Global focuses on serving the food sectors which includes wholesale ingredients and spices to retail-ready snacks, cooking oils, sauces, and condiments. Rigid packaging options for the food industry are selected for their functionality as well as their design.


With products that range from shelf-stable to refrigerated or frozen, the food industry must keep both storage and the consumer in consideration when selecting a packaging solution. Equally important are design and packaging materials since the market is extremely competitive and constantly innovating to meet consumer needs. Food products are subject to safety and quality regulations, and the product packaging should reflect the same quality standards. Due to these considerations, there is a wide variety of packaging used in the industry. Below are the common rigid packaging solutions we have provided food customers:



Pails & Buckets

Drums & Totes


The list is only some of the common solutions we provide to the food industry, but it is not limited to only these types of packaging. Custom packaging is not uncommon due to the extremely competitive market. You can learn more about the food industry here.

Every solution we propose to our customers is a collaboration. We strive to be a packaging resource to bring peace of mind to our customers when selecting the best packaging solution for their products. Learn more about how Paramount Global can help with any food packaging needs by contacting us here.

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