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Packaging for the food industry is diverse and has many unique needs. From large food storage containers found in the back of restaurants to consumer food products on the local grocery shelf, the types of packaging used for food need to be as diverse as the products. Larger food storage type packaging is designed mainly for functionality while consumer goods must meet a variety of standards including functionality and aesthetic appeal to reach end consumers.

Types of Containers & Packaging for the Food Service, Restaurant & Consumer Goods Industries

With such a large range of food products, Paramount Global focuses mainly on packaging that includes bottles, jars, pails, drums, pouches and more. For food products catered to restaurants and other bulk buyers, pails, industrial jugs, and drums are available mainly in HDPE or PE plastics. Fiber drums are also an option for packaging dry goods such as powders. Common packaging used for consumer food products include bottles, jars, and tubes. Paramount has worked with a variety of different food products including condiments, sauce, soup, snacks, and more. Bottles and jars are most popular in plastic or glass due to its availability and working well with many food products. Plastic HDPE and PET are common options for all sizes and container shapes due to plastic’s versatility. However, some food products such as sauces, salsas, and other products with higher acidity can only use glass due to plastic not being able to withstand the product’s acidic properties. In addition to the containers, we can also provide matching closures to ensure the food product is safely sealed in the container. Closures and lids commonly used in the food industry range from plastic continuous thread to metal lug caps. For consumer-based products, tamper-evident, lug caps, and child-resistant closures are popular options to preserve the freshness while ensuring the product has not been tampered with.

Sustainability is a growing demand in all industries including food. Sustainable options for food products include recycled PET, recycled HDPE, bioplastics such as resin derived from sugarcane, as well as traditional materials such as glass and aluminum. All packaging options can be explored to help brands achieve their sustainability goals.

Custom Container Design & Labels

Custom bottle design, label and decoration and other packaging logistic services such as inventory management are additional services Paramount Global provides for a complete packaging solution. Speak with a packaging specialist today to learn more about how to grow your beverage business with Paramount as a packaging partner.

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