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The household cleaning and chemical industry is a competitive market consisting of a variety of home cleaning chemical products which includes all purpose cleaners, degreasers, surface disinfectants, rust removers, floor care, carpet & upholstery cleaning, mold & mildew removers and more. Like any other consumer-based product, the brands must compete for the consumer’s attention on the store shelf which contributes to the variety of packaging used in this industry. In addition to product design for marketability, function is also vital for making sure product can safely be transported and efficiently dispensed for end users.

Types of Containers & Bottles for the All-Purpose Cleaning Chemicals

Common types of bottles and containers for home cleaning products that Paramount Global has provided to household chemical customers include f-style jugs, industrial round jugs, plastic open head pails, plastic tight head pails, aerosol cans, boston round bottles, modern round bottles, cylinder round bottles, carafes, trigger sprayers and more. Packaging can range from 1 oz for small concentrated solutions to 5 gallons for bulk product needs. Plastic HDPE or PET materials are most commonly used for packaging in this industry due to the material’s flexibility and durability. However, with consumers demanding more sustainable options, glass packaging have been growing to serve this market and marketed as reusable. Other sustainable materials include aluminum and post consumer resin such as recycled PET and recycled HDPE. Caps and dispensing closure options are also a vital component for packaging household cleaning products. Stock continuous thread caps are commonly used as a standard closures, but a variety of dispensing closures can be used to provide the precise output of product for end users depending on the product’s unique properties. Dispensing closure options range from disc caps, droppers, fine mist sprayers, foamer pumps, and trigger sprayers which can all be customized for specific outputs.

Custom Household Cleaning Container Design & Decoration

Functionality is a priority when selecting a packaging solution for household chemical products, but like any consumer product, there will be fierce competition on the shelf with other brands. Design and decoration is an important element for a packaging solution with options ranging from custom mold design to container decoration with labels or silkscreen to emphasize the brand’s appeal. Paramount Global serves the household chemical industry with packaging that will meet each unique product’s needs along with any other additional packaging services such as inventory management or just in time delivery for a complete packaging supply chain solution. Speak with a packaging specialist today to learn more about how to grow your household chemical business with Paramount as your packaging partner.

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