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The beverage industry is a competitive market where packaging of all shapes, sizes, and colors can be found to stand out from the competition while also providing the functionality to deliver products to consumers. Paramount Global offers a wide range of wholesale beverage containers to serve the vast landscape of the beverage industry including juice, tea, soda, beer, milk, energy, water, spirits, and other liquid drinks. Whether the beverage is cold-filled or hot-filled, Paramount works with a network of global suppliers to find the packaging solution that will best meet the product’s needs.

Types of Bottles & Containers for the Beverage Industry

Common types of bottles and containers Paramount Global has provided to beverage customers include boston round bottles, square juice bottles, round juice bottles, dairy square jugs, nordic bottles, bullet round bottles, custom liquor bottles, and more. Beverage containers are commonly stocked in natural HDPE, clear PET, and glass. Sizes we commonly stock are 16 oz clear PET juice bottles along with a variety of boston round glass bottles ranging from 1 oz to 16 oz. Matching lids are also available from tamper-evident closures to metal ROPP caps.

Sustainability is also a growing demand, and we provide sustainable options such as post-consumer resin which includes recycled PET and recycled HDPE, bioplastics such as resin derived from sugarcane, as well as traditional materials such as glass and aluminum are all options Paramount offers to help customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Custom Bottle Design & Labels

Custom bottle design, label and decoration and other packaging logistic services such as inventory management are additional services Paramount Global provides for a complete packaging solution. Speak with a packaging specialist today to learn more about how to grow your beverage business with Paramount as a packaging partner.

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