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The aerospace industry is complex and has no room for error. Products are designed with precision and must be well protected to preserve the product’s integrity to withstand extreme environments. Flaws and damage to the product can be costly and can even become a safety issue. Paramount Global has worked closely with aircraft OEM and MRO industries to provide packaging for mainly paints and coatings.

Types of Containers and Packaging for Aerospace Paints & Coatings

Common types of containers Paramount Global has provided to the aerospace industry is similar to the industrial chemicals industry. Packaging commonly stocked includes industrial round jugs, boston round bottles, conetops, aerosol cans, monotops, packer bottles, oblong cans, and round paint cans. Plastic HDPE and metal tinplate are the most common materials due to their durability. Some glass is used for packaging such as boston round droppers and vials. Matching closures are available for the containers with a range of liners to securely seal product in the container. Many products used in the aerospace industry are composed of aggressive chemicals which are regulated for transportation. Paramount provides UN Rated packaging and has teams dedicated to making sure products meet shipping regulations to be transported in a safe and timely manner.

Custom Aerospace Container Design & Decoration

Functionality and safety are the priority in the industry. Design and decoration are still needed, but it’s utilized more for clearly communicating product specifications instead of appeal. Due to the unique product composition and needs of product, Paramount has even custom packaging such as a bottle in a can and touch up kits to reduce components and improve usability. Labels must be clear and durable to communicate important product specifications especially for shipping.

In addition to providing packaging, Paramount also can assist with additional logistics such as customs clearance, warehousing, inventory management and freight forwarding services for a complete supply chain solution. Speak with a packaging specialist today to learn more about how to grow your aerospace business with Paramount as a packaging partner.

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