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The pet and veterinary care industry offers a variety of products ranging from food to health care for pets of all shapes and sizes. Products for dogs, cats, horses, reptiles and even aquatic animals all need packaging to safely reach their destination. When choosing packaging, functionality to provide a protective seal for the product is a core feature to consider. Marketability is also considered for helping products stand out from the competition on the shelf.

Types of Containers & Packaging for Pet & Veterinary Care Products

With the industry serving pets of all shapes and sizes, packaging options for products are just as diverse. Paramount Global has provided a wide range of packaging including dropper bottles, boston round bottles, cylinder round bottles, modern round bottles, packer bottles, straight-sided jars, wide mouth jars, wide-mouth canisters, rectangle pails, and square pails. Small containers ranging from 1oz to 8oz are commonly used for medicine or supplements while larger sizes ranging from 16oz to 1 gallon are capacities commonly used for food, treats, and grooming products. Containers for pet products are typically available in plastic HDPE or PET and glass for smaller containers and plastic PP for larger containers such as pails. These materials are popular due to their durability, especially for transportation. Matching closures such as standard continuous thread caps or specialized lids such as sifter caps, disc tops, treatment pumps, and more are all options depending on the product needs. Liners for a strong seal to protect the product and other accessories such as scoops and droppers can be paired with the container to help deliver the best experience of the product for end users.

Sustainability goals can also be achieved in this industry with eco-friendly options such as post-consumer resin recycled HDPE or recycled PET. Glass and metal, specifically aluminum, are also materials being used to replace plastic.

Custom Pet Care & Veterinary Care Package Design & Decoration

For any shelf product, marketability with custom design either with the whole package built from a custom mold or just decoration with silkscreen printing or labels on a stock container can provide the extra seconds needed for a consumer to pick up a product. In addition to helping customers achieve the final packaging ready for filling, Paramount Global also provides additional packaging services such as 3PL warehousing, inventory management, and customs clearance for a complete supply chain solution. Speak with a packaging specialist today to learn more about how to grow your pet care business with Paramount as a packaging partner.

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