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The automotive industry offers products ranging from automobile oils, lubricants, car care, waxes, washes, and other chemicals to help care for and maintain vehicles. Functionality and safety are core features of automotive containers, especially for products that contain chemicals that may be hazardous if not properly contained.

Types of Containers & Bottles for the Car & Auto Industry

A variety of packaging is used in the automotive industry ranging from stock containers such as f-style jug, industrial round jugs, metal paint cans, conetops, monotop, bullet round bottles, boston round bottles, and aerosol cans to bulk containers such as pails and drums. The industry mainly relies on metal containers, HDPE plastic containers and glass bottles are materials trusted for their durability. Matching caps, covers, and lids are available to properly secure products in containers for transport. Dispensing options and accessories such as brush caps, daubers, and droppers are also available to pair with containers.

Custom Container Design & Decoration

Competition for consumer automotive products on the shelf and design can help a product stand out. Custom containers are not uncommon and can be custom designed to add functionality such as an ergonomic handle or an opaque view stripe to help consumers see how much product is remaining. Paramount Global has helped customers bring designs to life from container decoration with labels or silk-screening to full custom mold design. Paramount continues to provide full packaging supply chain solutions to aid customers in streamlining their packaging supply chain. Speak with a packaging specialist today to learn more about how to grow your automotive business with Paramount as a packaging partner.

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