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9 Practical Skincare Packaging Solutions

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Skincare and cosmetic products number in the thousands in most stores. The variety and range of products that qualify as skincare and beauty products include soaps, makeup, cleansers, hair products, lotions, sunscreens, and more. With so many products competing on the shelves, great packaging and design will help your product stand out.

Packaging needs to be practical so that the product works well for consumers. Knowing how to choose the right packaging solution to spotlight your product, show customers how to use it properly, and showcase your brand so it stands out on the shelf can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll highlight 9 practical skincare packaging solutions to help you make the best choice for your brand when it comes to packaging your skincare products.

What Makes Packaging Skincare and Cosmetic Products Unique?

Packaging for skincare, personal care, and cosmetic products is unique because the skincare and cosmetics industry places a high value on aesthetics, hygiene, and the preservation of product efficacy. This is why skincare and cosmetics packaging is often designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, while also protecting the product from contamination.

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Importance of Packaging Cosmetics and Skincare Products

In order to ensure that the quality of a product is not compromised, the packaging needs to be designed with the product and formula in mind. Factors such as product consistency, active ingredients, and environmental changes such as extreme heat or cold could degrade certain types of materials, so it’s imperative to consider your product and test it extensively in your chosen packaging option.

Most cosmetic and skincare products are meant to be applied directly to the skin, so ensuring that the product is stored properly and free from possible contamination is essential for the safety of the consumer and the company.

As we touched on above, there are several key aspects to consider when choosing packaging for skincare and cosmetic products and there is no one ideal solution for your packaging needs. Here, we’ll look at some of the top things you’ll want to consider as you narrow down your choices.

1. Eco-Friendly Containers

Eco-friendly skincare packaging is designed to reduce packaging waste and keep in mind the resources of our planet. Certain materials like plastics and styrofoams are discarded and typically end up in landfills where they last for decades if not centuries. Eco-friendly skincare and beauty packaging works just as well as traditional packaging, while also helping your brand stand out from the competition and demonstrating your commitment to the planet.

Recycled Materials

One way to use eco-friendly packaging is with recycled packaging materials. These materials are crafted from the remains of other materials. For example, recycled paper and cardboard can be treated and then used again to create new cosmetic packaging supplies, such as secondary packaging options like boxes or tubes. Plastic containers can be made out of PCR giving new life to plastic that would otherwise end up in the landfill indefinitely.

Biodegradable Packaging Options

Another eco-friendly option is biodegradable packaging material. Packaging made from natural fibers or plant-based materials like wheat or corn starch is easier to break down and return to the earth once it gets in contact with bacteria. Keep in mind, however, that the definition of biodegradable packaging does not specify time and conditions. Depending on the composition of the packaging, some bio-based materials may still take a long time to break down or may leave harmful residuals due to additives mixed into the composition.

2. Minimalist Bottle Designs

The aesthetic is a major factor when it comes to personal care and cosmetics packaging. You want your product to stand out and look great on the shelf, and oftentimes the best way to get noticed is to keep it simple with a minimalist concept. Clean lines and a visually appealing logo and artwork can give your products an upscale look.

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3. Innovative Dispensing Systems

Many skincare and cosmetic products require precise dispensing to control the amount used. These dispensing systems may include pumps, droppers, sprayers, or applicators designed for accuracy and ease of use. Below are a few examples of the many innovative dispensing systems available for skincare and cosmetic products. By using the right dispensing system, you can ensure consumers that they are getting the most out of your products and applying them in the most effective way possible.

Pump Mechanisms

A pump mechanism is a common way to dispense product from the container that it is sold in. The pumping mechanism dispenses a precise amount of product when the actuator is pressed. These mechanisms often have a locking feature to prevent leakage. Pumps are versatile and come in a variety of styles and sizes suitable for plastic containers, glass bottles and jars, and even metal containers.

Airless Packaging

Airless pump packaging is a system that removes the barrier between a product and the external air. This can reduce or eliminate oxidation on products that aren’t meant to be exposed to the air until they are dispensed. This technology uses an internal pressurized system to dispense products, rather than traditional pumps which rely on air pressure to distribute the product. Airless bottles are commonly used to hold face creams and serums and employ a vacuum rather than a pump or steam to dispense the product and are a great option for extending your product's shelf life and preventing air from reaching your product.

Dropper Bottles

Another way to dispense beauty products is with a dropper. Droppers are typically made of glass or hard plastic, and utilize suction to draw a specific amount of product out of a bottle and release it when the suction is released. Dropper bottles frequently add a touch of elegance and luxury to skin care products like serums, perfumes, and essential oils.

Roll-On Applicators

A roll-on applicator is another type of dispensing system. The product is exposed when the cap is removed, and the user rolls the exposed product on their skin or face. Deodorant is the most common skincare product that uses this feature, but it is also used with perfumes and oil-based fragrances, especially in travel size.

TSA-approved travel-sized bottles

4. Travel-Friendly Packaging

Many beauty products need to be portable and easy to use on the go. Items that are used as part of a daily routine, such as deodorant, shampoo, and makeup, need to be available in travel-friendly sizes so that consumers can easily pack them and take them on planes.

TSA-Compliant Sizes

TSA guidelines restrict the amount of liquids and the size of containers that can be brought on a plane. If these requirements are not met, products will be discarded. Offering travel-sized versions of your popular products or items that are used daily can make life easier and more enjoyable for your customers.

Leak-Proof Design

No matter the mode of transportation, your luggage is likely to be tossed around. Packaging for travel-friendly products should be leak-proof to prevent the products from leaking and damaging other belongings.

5. Single Use Packaging

Innovative single-use packaging for the personal care industry is becoming increasingly popular as consumers become more environmentally conscious. Some innovative single-use packaging options include paper-based packaging, biodegradable packaging, and recyclable packaging. These innovative packaging options help to reduce waste and protect the environment.

6. Customizable Labels

Your packaging is a significant branding and marketing opportunity. The designs and labels you put on your packaging do a lot to communicate what your brand stands for and why your products are superior to others on the same shelf. Customizable labels can help you stand out and communicate your core message to potential customers.

7. Standout Shapes and Packaging Design

Another way to make use of shelf space and make an impression on shoppers is to use eye-catching shapes in your packaging design. Not all bottles or boxes need to be the same. Utilize custom packaging or unique artwork to make your product stand out. If you are innovative and creative in your packaging design, your product will stand out and potentially attract more customers than the more generic-looking products sharing shelf space.

glass dropper bottle and paper box

8. Sustainable Material Choices

Another excellent and practical choice is sustainable skincare packaging. This type of packaging helps to protect the environment in the same way as eco-friendly packaging and works hard to address problems of resource limitations so that materials are available for generations to come. Sustainable material choices focus on using regenerative natural resources that are readily available such as wood pulp, seaweed, and mycelium. If sustainability is part of your business model, then you'll want to make sure that your packaging materials are sustainable and not contributing to the waste problem.

Glass Packaging

Glass is a great sustainable rigid packaging material that can be used for beauty products. It not only gives products a more high end look, but glass can also be used after the product is depleted and can be endlessly recycled.


Bioplastics are a type of plastic that is crafted from biological materials. Rather than regular plastics, which can take hundreds of years to degrade, bioplastics are biodegradable and are made from renewable resources like plants. As we mentioned above, depending on the composition of the packaging, some biodegradable materials can still take a long time to break down and even leave harmful residuals due to additives in the composition so be sure to inspect what the after-life of the packaging looks like.

9. Safety-Sealed Packaging

Because skincare products are used directly on someone’s face or body, they need to be safe and secure. Using safety-sealed packaging helps reduce the risk of contamination or damage, and keeps products ready for consumers without compromising their health.

Tamper-Evident Packaging

Tamper-evident packaging uses barriers to entry like seals made of plastic or paper or containers that are heat-sealed until opened. These types of packaging help customers feel confident that a product is safe when they bring it home from the store.

UV Protection

Another type of safe packaging is UV-protective packaging. This packaging uses UV filters to protect the product inside a bottle or container so that it isn't damaged by sunlight or other UV exposure. Any product that is light-sensitive should have some layer of UV protection on the packaging.

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