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Benefits of Working with a Packaging Distributor

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Companies of all sizes require safe and durable packaging to get their products to customers. The types of packaging needed may vary based on the product, transportation standards, sizes, and quantities. To meet the packaging demands of operations, a packaging distributor provides a reliable source of supplies to companies. A packaging distributor works with all types of companies that are in various stages of their operations, whether they are new start-ups sending out their first products or veteran companies looking to expand their existing product lines.

Packaging distributors are different from packaging manufacturers. However, distributors can be categorized in various industries based on the businesses they serve and their roles in operations. In this article, we’ll break down what a packaging distributor is, their role in operations, and how they may provide benefits to your company.


What is the role of a packaging distributor?

A packaging distributor offers packaging supplies and services to companies. Distributors do not make the packaging materials themselves. Instead, they purchase packaging from manufacturers and then resell it to companies making it more easily accessible to small and mid-size businesses who can’t meet manufacturers’ high MOQs. Packaging distributors don't limit their inventory to just one manufacturer's products. This means they have a wide variety of packaging brands to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your unique packaging needs.

There are two distributor models that exist: e-commerce and stocking. E-commerce distributors operate in a similar way to e-commerce stores in that they stock a limited amount of stock-keeping units (SKUs) that are always available. This business model doesn't offer variety as they are limited to the available shapes and styles commonly found in the market. On the other hand, stocking distributors have no style or quantity limitations, which means their packaging options are typically more extensive. Stocking distributors allow businesses to select packaging based on their specific requirements.

Packaging distributors may also offer additional services such as warehousing options for companies who don't have the space to store their products and packaging in the same location. They may also provide logistical services for businesses looking to obtain packaging materials from other countries. To make the import/export customs services easier, distributors use their years of experience and connections in the packaging distribution industry to assist in relieving you of the process of doing it yourself.

Lastly, a stocking distributor has the ability to offer custom packaging solutions for companies. If you require packaging made from a specific material in a size or configuration that is not commonly found in a product market, the stocking distributor can offer advice and resources to get the packaging supplies required for your operations. A stocking distributor can locate manufacturers and gain quicker access to available packaging materials to streamline your operations at your preferred budget.


10 Advantages of Utilizing a Stocking Distributor

There are numerous benefits of a packaging distributor when seeking supplies and services for your business. Here are several advantages that you may gain by working with a distributor.

Low MOQs

Manufacturers typically have a set minimum order quantity (MOQ) that a customer has to meet to get packaging shipped to operations. However, small and medium-sized businesses may not require so much inventory at one time as it puts a strain on budgets as well as uses up valuable warehouse space. Stocking distributors buy directly from manufacturers to meet their MOQ, and then resell the packaging products at lower quantities to fit the purchasing requirements of customers. You can save money while only ordering the packaging you need. This benefit also helps to control waste.

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Minimizes Supply Chain Challenges

Customers may have varied delivery requirements based on their products such as hazardous chemicals, refrigerated food, and time-sensitive products. Stocking distributors take your supply chain challenges into consideration to ensure that packaging arrives when you require it whether you need emergency or just-in-time packaging solutions. They evaluate suppliers by location to your operations and customers in addition to what types of packaging materials are offered. Then the distributor uses logistical strategies to get the packaging supplies from the right manufacturers near your location at the right times.

Broader Packaging Sourcing

Stocking distributors utilize a network of suppliers to find the best packaging solutions for each customer's needs. New suppliers are constantly entering the market offering new innovations and the latest technologies in the packaging industry. Distributors constantly stay informed regarding the changing market and ensure connections to these new vendors are available to you. It cuts down on the work that you have to do in keeping up with the expanding packaging market as you can make better decisions that closely align with your operations.

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Inventory Management Solutions

As a business grows, space becomes a limited resource. Empty packaging can quickly fill vital space needed for operations if not managed well. Stocking distributors can warehouse products or work closely with suppliers to make sure inventory is supplied when needed. By having a packaging distributor provide inventory management, you can concentrate on making the products and filling orders without worrying about where to house all your products and packaging.

Industry and Product Knowledge

Working with a network of suppliers, stocking distributors have experience working with a variety of packaging in a broad range of industries. Stocking distributors also have access to manufacturers with experts who can provide more information. This benefit is vital for companies who may have products that need special packaging considerations, such as refrigeration, or products that may negatively interact with certain materials found in specific packaging products. You can tap into these resources and expert advice whenever you want, such as when you are adding new product lines.

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Customs Clearance Expertise

The world of importing is complicated with regulations and fees. Stocking distributors have teams dedicated to helping customers navigate this world while making sure products are successfully imported. Countries may restrict packaging that contains certain materials or chemicals. They may also have additional fees on special products based on a specific quantity. A stocking distributor stays constantly informed about the various regulations in countries around the world and keeps you knowledgeable about these regulations and fees.

Packaging Partner Relationship

By working with a distributor, you gain a packaging partner who thoroughly understands your product requirements and becomes a member of your team. Distributors are industry experts who can help navigate the complex world of packaging and be a resource for finding the best packaging that fits a product. This factor can be an immense advantage to startups and small businesses who are still new to the packaging world and need consultations on how to select the right materials. A stocking distributor becomes a one-stop shop to obtain off-the-shelf and customized packaging products and services.

Wide Range of Packaging Options

When collaborating with a packaging distributor, you gain access to a team of experts and an expansive array of packaging options tailored to meet diverse needs. These options encompass a spectrum of materials, including cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal, allowing you to select the most suitable material for your products. You can choose from various sizes, shapes, designs, and even customization to enhance your branding and product presentation.

A packaging distributor can help you find the perfect packaging solution for your needs. They offer a wide range of packaging to ensure your products are safe, secure, and visually appealing.

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Competitive Pricing

Since stocking distributors work with numerous packaging manufacturers, you have a broader pricing range. So you can select the pricing that fits better into your budget and adjust your sourcing when required. You may switch manufacturing brands if their packaging prices go over your budget at any time. By working with a distributor, you can find cost-effective solutions that scale with your operations.

Quality Assurance

Partnering with a packaging distributor plays a pivotal role in ensuring quality assurance for a company's packaging operation. Distributors, with their extensive experience and industry knowledge, act as a reliable filter for quality control. A trustworthy distributor will source materials and products from reputable manufacturers and often adhere to stringent quality standards, which significantly reduces the risk of subpar packaging materials affecting product integrity. Moreover, they provide consistency in the supply chain, ensuring that you receive high quality packaging materials consistently, ultimately contributing to a seamless and reliable packaging process that reflects positively on the company's product quality and brand reputation.

Selecting the Right Packaging Distributor

When establishing partnerships, it is important to find a vendor whose capabilities and efficiency meet your terms and conditions, whether you need boxes, plastic containers, or anything in between. Partnering with a packaging distributor should bring technical expertise and value to your packaging operation. A good packaging distributor will be able to help you choose the right packaging materials for your products, and should also be able to provide you with the necessary support to ensure that your packaging is effective. Additionally, a good packaging distributor will be able to help look at the big picture and save money on your packaging supply chain bottom line costs.


Reap the Benefits of Working with a Packing Distributor Today!

Partnering with a stocking packaging distributor can significantly improve a company's operations offering a wide range of packaging materials and solutions that can streamline procurement processes. As a stocking distributor, Paramount Global offers all these benefits and more to provide the best option for your business's unique needs. We offer a wide range of packaging services, including custom packaging solutions, 3PL warehousing, product labeling, and international freight forwarding.

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