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Glass Containers

Glass Containers

Paramount Global offers a variety of glass containers such as bottles and jars for bulk or wholesale purchase. Glass provides a sustainable packaging option with a higher perceived value compared to other materials due to its clarity and weight.

Types of Glass Bottle Containers

Paramount Global offers a variety of glass bottles for bulk or wholesale purchase. Glass bottles work well for beverages, sauces, essential oils, supplements, and other various products. Paramount stocks a wide range of glass bottles, including boston rounds, droppers, packers, woozy, and a variety of shapes and styles for the food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Common colors for glass bottles are clear flint, amber and cobalt blue.

Types of Glass Jar Containers

Paramount Global offers an assortment of glass jars for bulk or wholesale purchase. Glass jars are often used for food products due to glass being a non-porous material that prevents chemical reactions with the product. Salsa, sauces, condiments, jams, and honey are just a few food products that benefit from the properties of glass. In addition to food products, glass jars are used in a variety of other industries such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, personal care and industrial applications. Wide mouth, straight-sided, mayo, and economy glass jars are the most common jars in stock, but Paramount also provides a variety of custom jars in various shapes, sizes and colors. Popular colors for Glass jars include Clear Flint, Amber, and Cobalt Blue.

Custom & Bulk Orders

The glass conatiners featured on our website are common styles that are typically in stock. In addition to the products shown on the website, we can source unique shapes, sizes, and colors from a global network of suppliers. This includes building molds and tooling for custom packaging, decoration, and designing a custom supply chain solution. Contact a packaging specialist today to find the perfect bottle to help you grow your business.

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